Our Manifesto

We believe that all people deserve love and compassion regardless of gender, race, origin, status, religion, orientation, ability, history, or any other difference. We believe all humans should be treated equally. We pledge to serve and love all humans with the intent of improving their condition, safety, and opportunity. Our aim is to empower individuals to love and serve one another.

Join Us & Be Super Humane

Super beings

All you have to do is go love or serve someone. Listen to their fear, bring them a sandwich, stand up to their bully. Do it by yourself or do it with a group. Find your own cause or volunteer with an existing one.

When you do, we’d love to hear about it so we care share with the world what you did to Be Super Humane.

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We Can All be Super Humane

Super Humane's Journey

We started Super Humane with the intention of having purpose in the work we do and an opportunity to improve the world around us both through our work and positive acts of service. The Be Super Humane manifesto is the result of three years of exploration to understand our true purpose as an organization.

We believe that all humans share innate needs, among them to love and serve one another. Our team has many commonalities: race, nationality, and profession among them. But we also have stark differences in politics, religion (or lack thereof), gender, and orientation. We see these differences not as points of quarrel, but an opportunity to understand and appreciate what makes us human.

We cooperate, love, and serve one another and with one another. And we want to invite you to join us. We can all Be Super Humane.

- Josh, Laurel, & Matthew

Our Actions

  • Feed those who are hungry
  • Listen to those in distress
  • Stand with the abused
  • Speak for/with the voiceless
  • Amplify love and service
  • Share positivity and grow our movement
  • Offer a shoulder, a hand, an ear, a meal, an advocate.
Super humane team

We're just getting started. Please join and help us start this movement!